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Calcium Chloride
Calcium Chloride offered by our company are formulated by using advanced chemical processing technologies that result in uniform composition and high purity. These compounds can be delivered to our customers at a low price range.
Potassium Chloride
We are a renowned manufacturer and supplier of premium-grade Potassium Chloride compounds that are in high demand due to their high reactivity and zero impurity. The offered chemical substances are commonly used in applications such as fertilizers, medical, and others.
Magnesium Chloride Hexahydrate
Our company offers best-in-class Magnesium Chloride hexa hydrate that are available in various physical forms according to customer demands. These highly pure chemistry elements can be used in a wide range of industrial as well as commercial applications.
Zinc Sulphate
JJ Chemicals is a Gujarat, India-based manufacturer of industrial-grade Zinc Sulphate having a high boiling point of 740 degrees Celsius. These crystalline compounds are widely used in applications such as corrosion inhibition, cosmetic biocide, and many more.
Alum (Potash/Ammonia)
Buy from us premium-quality Alum (Potash/Ammonia) granules that are in high demand due to their high purity and excellent reactivity. These white crystalline substances can be delivered to our customers in large quantities as per their demands at a low price range.
Sodium Carbonate ( LR/IP/BP/USP/FOOD)

Sodium carbonate ( LR/IP/BP/USP/FOOD) is used in the culinary, detergent industries. This chemical compound has the properties which make it suitable for softening the hard water.

Sodium Chloride

The pharma grade sodium chloride is a chemical compound, extensively demanded in the pharmaceutical industry. The chemical has numerous applications in the medical sector such as for making eye wash solutions.

Mangenese Chloride

Mangenese chloride is an inorganic chemical that is actually the salt of manganese. This is treated as an essential nutrient. The chemical is also used in the manufacturing of cell batteries.

Sodium Sulphate

The sodium sulphate is a chemical compound, extensively used in the detergent manufacturing industry as it leads to form heavy lather. Also utilized in the kraft paper processes.

Potassium Sulphate

The potassium sulphate is an important source of potassium for the proper growth of plants. Thus, it is considered as a wonderful and effective fertilizer. The fruits and vegetables quality get enhanced.

Barium Chloride

Barium Chloride is a chemical compound that is generally considered to form barium salt. It is significantly used in the manufacturing of the rubber and papers. Also, it is a wonderful chemical for heat treatment plants.

Calcium Acetate
The textile industry uses calcium acetate to print and dye fabrics. It serves as a mordant, aiding in the fixing of dyes to fabrics and enhancing color fastness. Due to its special qualities, it is a necessary component in several goods and procedures across numerous sectors.

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